About Us

Our journey with Flipshopper started while solving a very frustrating problem for us. We are two friends who are always looking to get unique belongings for ourselves to always stand out from the crowd. But again whenever we wanted to have quality things we couldn't afford it for premium pricing. When we considered lower priced products the quality was always awful. We realized that we are not the only one facing this. Good news for us is that every problem has a solution. So we did everything possible to get rid of this frustration of pricing and bad quality products. Finally, we managed to reach manufacturers from around the world to find unique quality products with prices that are reasonable. Basically, we are a brand that is in between low priced and high priced brands. If you are facing something similar that we struggled with then join our community and start your shopping journey with us. It always feels good to make people happy and solve their problems. We have come a long way now with Flipshopper even without realizing. At Flipshopper, we don't believe in the transaction of money, we believe in the transaction of value and a lifetime relationship.